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Building A Shed In Your Yard

By Ray J. Walberg

For a homeowner who is new to the process of home projects, one of the best projects to start out with is an outdoor shed. Unlike some projects, which are not only difficult, but can also make a permanent change to the appearance of your house (such as a building a fireplace or putting on a sundeck), a shed stands away from the house and small errors in design or construction are not as obvious. You can afford to make mistakes, and perhaps hide them on a back wall or turn that wall towards the fence. Even if the shed turns into a little shanty, only one small corner of your backyard will be affected, and if it really that bad, you Can just take it down; the cost of materials is minimal.

Designs for sheds are very simple, and therefore the project itself is simple and easy. All you have to do is make sure that the structure is strong enough to stand up on its own and will not come crashing down on you when you enter it. You don't have to put in any insulation or spackle interior walls or do anything else that is complicated. If you feel ambitious, you can modify a standard design to suit your own needs, or make it a little smaller or larger than the plan calls for; you can't really make too many mistakes with this simple square or rectangle structure.

The first thing you have to do is decide what use you want for the shed. For a tool shed, you want to make sure you have the height to hang the long tools such as rakes or tree pruners. You may want to measure some items to make sure they will fit, or even lay them out on a garage or exterior wall and see how you could arrange them in a shed. Measuring the amount of space they use up will give you an idea of how large you will need to make the shed. If you have the room, you may be able to fit in a bench to serve for potting plants or working on small projects. With the four walls in a shed, you will find the room to put quite a lot of yard and garage items, and you will have a lot of fun and gain a lot of experience while building your shed.

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