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Tips On Choosing Your Shed
By Tony Shaw

After making the choice to purchase a building, it is important to consider shed plans. These plans are specifically for determining what features and layouts you will want in your new building.
There are a variety of options to select from to customize your structure to fit your specific needs and activities. Do you want a cozy cottage look or an industrial all purpose look to the building? Do you want a single floor or multi-floor structure? What type of foundation do you want to use? These are some of the questions that need to be answered when determining what shed plans are best for you.

Many companies offer display models of their buildings with design options available. Whether you plan to store lawn mowers, bicycles or antiques in the structures it is nice to have one that is tailored to your specific tastes and needs. These buildings will be around for a very long time! When purchasing a pre-built building be sure to ask the company about the shed plans that are available for the particular model that has been selected.

Other uses for designs are to build from scratch structures for the yard. These too can be for storing tools, equipment or even extra furniture. Other people choose to make the buildings into workshops or one room residential rentals. There are literally hundreds of designs to select from when building from scratch or from a kit to tailor to your specific desires.

Some shed plans design the building to look like a cottage, small log building or even playhouse for the kids. You can select the square footage, roofing material, structure material, door style, window options, flower box attachments and even a small porch or deck for the building! There are some designs with over hangs and even a fireplace feature. There are small buildings, two-story buildings and split level structures. When selecting a design have in mind the purpose and function of the building.

Selecting shed plans does not have to destroy your budget. There are many different plans available to cater to your needs that are affordable. Some companies offer free designs or even custom design a structure for you if you purchase the building material and supplies from them. Check with your supply dealer and find out if this an option for your area. It saves a great deal of money and time. Creative builders can purchase several designs and combine features to create a completely unique building for their needs.

Shed plans are important to custom designing and tailoring your building structures and features to your needs. If you are pre-purchasing a building the company may have variations of the model for you to select from. For those building their sheds remember the function of the shed and landscaping design where the building will be placed in choosing the right shed plans.

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BuyaShed specialize in sheds garages, carports, farm sheds, garden sheds, storage sheds, workshops and much more and we deliver FREE to 100 local depots Australia wide.


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