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Tips For Buying Garage Storage Units
By Heather E. Brown

Garage storage units are available in many different types and configurations. The specific kind of garage organizer you select will largely depend on what you will be using it for. If you are constantly clearing a space to use as a work shop or a potting table, you might want to include a shelving unit with a large flat work surface. Garage storage organizers include all purpose utility cabinets, racks, freestanding tool chests and pegboard hutches. Another way to organize your garage exactly the way you want it is to purchase individual pieces such as a rolling island, wall cabinets or vertical storage cabinets, all of which are designed to create a customized system to meet your specific requirements.

After sorting what and what not to keep, you will have a better idea of what kind of garage organizer to buy. If the majority of the items are boxes of a fairly uniform size, then storage shelving would be ideal. If you have children and you need to store a lot of hazardous materials or dangerous tools, consider purchasing lockable storage cabinets. When the majority of items are bulky and not uniform in size or shape, the best solution is stackable storage bins or multi-purpose cabinets.

Garage storage units come in all different sizes. Before purchasing one unit or a combination of garage organizers, decide where it's going and then take measurements. You don't want to end up with a unit that will block a doorway or be too tall. If you would like to be able to use the unit when the vehicle is in the garage, take into account that many types of cabinets have doors that open outward.

Types of Garage Storage Units:

Tall Storage Cabinets:

Tall storage cabinets provide easy freestanding storage solutions for a cluttered garage. Start with one cabinet and add as needed. They are perfect for storing a variety of items such as lawn care products, gardening supplies and other accessories. Depending on the style, they effectively store long, narrow items and can include partitioned bins and/or shelving. If you have a lot of items to store, they are ideal for garages with limited space.

Base Cabinets:

Base cabinets are an affordable alternative to built-in cabinets, and with so many brands and kinds to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Base cabinets can be used by themselves or as the beginning of your own customized garage storage system. Generally, depending on the manufacturer, they have a number of drawers, are mobile and have open or enclosed shelves. They can include features like key locks, height adjustable feet, reinforced metal corners and protective edges.

Tool Cabinets:

Tool cabinets resemble base cabinets but are intended to hold a variety of tools. They can be a freestanding column of narrow drawers, or they can feature 2 or 3 large drawers, varying drawer sizes and compartments with doors. They can be stationary or on casters.
Garage Hutches:

Garage hutches fall into two general categories, pegboards and storage hutches. They are designed to conveniently store items close at hand by suspending them directly above the work surface. A pegboard hutch allows you to keep your tools organized and readily accessible in plain sight. Storage hutches are shelves that can be paired with a base cabinet or bench to create an organized work space in the garage. They are ideal for storing containers, tools and small pieces of equipment.

Garage Cabinet Sets:

A viable alternative to custom-designed systems, a garage cabinet set incorporates various types of garage storage such as a base cabinet, a tall storage cabinet, and a pegboard or storage hutch. They are ideal for organizing a garage in which you want to create a work space for your gardening or repair projects, in addition to have a place to store things away.

Wall Mounted Cabinets:

Mounted wall cabinets maximize your storage options without using up valuable floor space. They can have enclosed shelves, doors and/or locks, and cubbies or dividers. To make the most out of your wall storage space, also consider the shape of your wall mounted cabinet. If it is long and rectangular, it will use the space horizontally, while an oversize, square or tall cabinet will utilize the space vertically.

Garage Storage Racks:

Garage storage racks come in many styles suited to a variety of multi-purpose uses like storing bicycles, tools and sports equipment. They are ideal for creating a place to put often-used items close at hand while controlling clutter and preventing accidents. They have the added benefit of using wall rather than floor space.
Spending time organizing your garage will be well worth the effort, especially after you realize there is now room for your car! No matter what kind of garage storage organizer you are considering buying, I hope this article has provided you with valuable insights that will help make the decision a little easier.

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