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Tips On Organizing A Garage
By Greg K. Hansward

The garage tends to be the one place that remains disorganized, but the sooner you get organized the sooner you can put that space to better use. Organizing your garage can be a tiring task, which is why many procrastinate on beginning the job. When the time comes, though, keep in mind that you will need to find a designated place for everything while keeping them available for everyday use. The steps below provide a simple system for organizing a garage.

First, sort and categorize everything in the garage. The best way is to empty the garage and then sort everything into categories, such as the tools from the camping gear or sporting equipment, for instance. Once you realize how much you really have, you will be in a better position to determine the best way to organize everything. This is a good time to sort out those things that do not even belong in the garage, but rather the basement or attic. You can also find items that can be sold at a garage sale, thus eliminating the need for storage. Of course, remember to recycle everything you throw away.

Secondly, separate seasonal items and equipment. A good idea is to install a special rack on which to hang lawn maintenance tools to keep them accessible, yet out of the way. If winter season is near, keep winter related tools such as snow blowers, ice scrapers and shovels in a group together to locate them easier when they are needed. You can rotate these goods at season changes to keep the tools needed at a better access. Those items specific to the warmer seasons can be kept in a cabinet, while shelves and drawers should be designed for other sporting equipment.

Third, consider adding additional storage space to the garage. Shelves and cabinets can be mounted onto the walls. You may even find garage organizers and shelves designed specifically for the purpose of garage organization. The basic principle is to store the regularly used items in a location and manner than makes them easily accessible. You could even hire a handyman to build cabinets, closet or shelves, or simply invest in a few storage units.

Fourth, create an efficient working area by installing a bench or table. You can use this space in the garage as a workshop. A tool chest or pegboard are great ways to store your tools yet keep them at easy access.

Fifth, move the trash and recycling bins near the garage allowing for easier disposal of those unwanted items. This way, there will be less temptation to keep certain items since the trash bins are only a small toss away.

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