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By Tony Shaw

Did you know that you can custom create your very own storage shed plans? Many models come with standard options, heights and features. However, more and more companies are offering designs that are customized to the buyer’s needs and desires. Not only that, there are countless storage shed plans available for people to purchase that offer a huge variety of designs to build yourself.

The first step that needs to be completed is to decide what the purpose or function of the storage shed will be. Not all buildings are used exclusively for storage. After deciding the purpose of function you will have a better idea of what size of structure that you will need. There are single floor and multi-level types of building plans available to buyers. Making the decisions about the purpose and size will help you narrow down the plans.

Some designs are built on stilts and have venting. Others are built on slabs or foundation settings with or without venting. Examine your landscape area that the building will be resting. If the ground is moisture or is very uneven, it is probably best to have a building that is designed on stilts. Leveling the ground or covering to prevent moisture built up can be an additional expense that many people do not want to invest.

Do you want a traditional building that is wooden and a box? Do you want a designer building that looks like a small house or log cabin? Decide what type of basic style you would like for the shed. Make sure that this design can be built either on stilts or foundation depending what you decided for this feature. Traditionally, sheds have a front entrance. Do you want the option of adding a side entrance door? Depending on the basic design of the structure a side entrance door is not always an option. It will be important to decide if you must have a side door or just the front entrance.

You can now narrow down your selection of storage shed plans based on the size, number of levels, type of foundation, general style and doorways. Select a few designs that fit into your budget and your tastes. You will want to further your plans by selecting outside coloring and material. Traditionally buyers have their sheds match their homes.

Once you have made all the decisions about the various features for a shed it is easy to select storage shed plans that tailor to your needs. You can add style items such as flower boxes, overhangs and porches based on your selections. Having several storage shed plans will make it easiest in building the perfect unit for your property.

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