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7 Questions You Need to Know Buying a Shed Plan to Build Your Storage Shed
By Ryan Henderson

A shed is a small storage cabin that is generally made in the garden for storing shovels, lawnmowers and other gardening tools. This cabin can be made very attractive and organized so that
it looks like a part of the house that you are staying in.

Moreover the shed should be made in such a way so as to serve the purpose well. There are some basic components that are to be kept in mind before buying the shed plan.

First and foremost, the thing that is to be given importance is the floor. The measurement of the floor gives an idea about how long or wide the shed shall be. It often happens that while making the shed people plan to have a large shed on paper but when it comes to reality, they soon start cramming things in the shed. Therefore it is required that before making the shed plan one should bring out all the things that they require to store, to get an idea of how much space they might occupy.

The next part is to plan how the shed might look. There are some communities that follow strict rules regarding the look of a shed. They emphasize on the size of the shed compared to the size of your home, the direction that the doors should face, etc. It is necessary to visit the local government offices to get an idea of the rules to be followed and then plan the shed accordingly.

Then the next thing that is to be taken into consideration is getting the right material to make the shed. Wood is the most preferred amongst the materials that is used to build a shed. A wooden shed does not require any complicated tools to be made. The floor can also be made of wood like treated lumber ply wood. Since wood easily gets affected by water, there should be at least six inches of space between the wood and the soil. The wood should be treated not to rot. Also there should be about 16 inches over hangs from the roof and proper gutters and spouts so that water that falls on the roof does not rot the wooden walls.

Next important thing is the door of the shed. It is better not to make a swinging door for the shed. This is very cumbersome and very problematic for windy days. It is better to purchase a six foot overhanging door. These types of doors are economical and practical.

The size of the shed should not be such that it takes up all the space of your garden. So it is important that the size of the garden to be kept in mind before buying the shed plan. The sizes usually depend on the kind of things that are to be stored in that shed.

The price is also a very important factor to be taken into consideration. If it is for long term benefits and the changes of the home and garden, then paying more for a better quality shed is fine. Otherwise it is better to make something that will serve the purpose for the time and get it changed later.

Last but not the least; if you are a bit enthusiastic, you can build an outdoor shed on your own instead of spending lot of money for hiring people to build it for you. Some basic skills are to be followed while building the shed. Some good materials and tools and a careful planning are all the things that are needed to make the shed.

There are many kits that are available online and also the step by step guide on how to make a shed. These are of good help if you are a bit enthusiastic about getting it made by yourself.

About the Author: Download your Free Shed Plans at MyShedPlans Official Site. Ryan is the founder of MyShedPlans - Get over 12,000 free shed plans and blueprints to make shed building fun and easy. MyShedPlans - The Ultimate Craftsman Resource

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