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How To Build A Gambrel Storage Shed
By Dan Lazaj

A gambrel shed, also known as a barn style shed, may be the perfect design for your homes landscape. There are two pitches on each side
of the roof, which gives it a barn style look. You can get the most use of space with this type of storage shed.

Building this might look difficult, but it is quite simple. The only difference between a gambrel and a gable shed is the roof. When building this or any other type of shed, take your time building the rafters. Make sure they are all exactly the same. One good way to do this is to build your first set and use it as a template to build the rest. Having them all exactly the same will give you a leveled roof.

Other Types of Sheds to Build

If a gambrel shed is not right for your home landscape, here are some other types you can consider.

Gable storage shed - This is the most common, there are two equal sides to both sides of the roof that meet at the top. This is the most common shed to build because of its simple structure, fits very well into most landscapes.

Lean-to-shed - This type of shed has a roof that slopes from back, and drops down to the front. This type is great if you don't have to much room, but great for narrow spaces. You can put this kind of shed against your house or fence.

Salt-box - A saltbox is very similar to a gable except for the roof pith. A salt-box-shed will have an uneven pitch to the roof.

If you have ever wanted to add a shed to your home, there are many choices you can choose from. You can either assemble one using a shed kit, or buy lumber and build your own.

There are wide selections of kits you can buy. A kit will come in many different styles and sizes. Among the material to choose from are wood, vinyl, or metal. Assembling one should be pretty simple. The tools required to assemble a shed kit are very common to most households.

Buying lumber and building your own shed will be the best choice. If you don't want to spend to much, build it yourself. If looks are important, invest in some plans. Having plans will not only make this project easier to build, it will also make it turn out better. You can find many free plans online. You can also buy and download them, it will be a small investment to make.

Getting estimates from local handyman to do it for you might be something you will also want to consider. You won't have to do any of the work. If not having enough time to do it yourself is a factor, consider this choice. Get a couple of estimates and see if it can be done within your budget.

If you have decided you want to build your own, but are unsure how to build a shed yourself, start by looking online at the free plans. If you can't find any free plans that meet your requirements, buy some, they are very affordable. All plans should come with a material list, this will give you a good idea what this project will cost. Sheds are very basic structures which can be built by many homeowners.

As with any project, check with your building department for requirements and permits you might need.

About the Author: Storage sheds are simple structures many beginner builders can build. Take a look at my site for more information on how to build a shed. I also have a list of sites with shed plans.


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