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Storage Shed Plans
Practical For Great Results
By Dan Lazaj

Need a place to store your gardening tools, lawnmowers, rakes, shovels, etc? Maybe you should consider building your very own gardening storage shed. Building a small garden tool shed is a project many do-it-yourselfers can do themselves with the help of some good plans.
Why build your own? Why not by a kit? In my opinion building your own wooden shed just looks more attractive than a metal or vinyl shed kit. You can add details to your shed to blend in with your house or landscape.

When building your shed, having detailed plans with step by step instructions are a necessity.

Having shed plans or a book with details and illustrations will make building your shed allot easier, and it will turn out better results.

When looking for plans keep in mind how you plan to use this space, this will give you an idea how big you will want to build.

So where do you get these plans? When I need to build something I usually hit the bookstore for ideas. There are some great books with nice illustrations and instructions that will come in handy when building a shed. There are also many sites online with free storage shed plans.

Once you have the design and style you want, take your time to study the plans. Having plans will not only make building easier, it will also give you a good idea of the amount of money you will need. The plans you use should have a material list, with the material list you can get a good idea of the cost of this project.

Sheds are pretty basic structures that many homeowners can build themselves. You will start with the foundation. If you are building a small garden shed, the most common foundation type will be a skid foundation. Building on a skid foundation will make your shed portable, in case you ever need to move it.

Prepare the area by leveling and adding about four inches of gravel. Setting your shed on gravel will protect the foundation from moister and wood decay.

Once you have your foundation finished, you will frame the walls and install your roof rafters. Next you will install the siding, roof decking shingles, doors, and trim.

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the plans you have chosen. Study the material list, once you are ready you can pre cut all the material and assemble the shed.

Some things you will want to consider before building are your local zoning regulations. Make sure you are aware of any regulations or permits that might be required.

If you have never built anything before, this is a great project that can be accomplished even for a beginner. By having patience and preparing yourself from the start, you will achieve great results. By having plans that are simple to understand, and following the instructions you are sure to build a great looking storage shed.

If you feel you don't have the carpentry skills required, there are other alternatives. Find the plans you want and have a local handyman build it. Another option is buying a shed kit. Building with a shed kit will be more expensive, but it will make building easier. You will still need to prepare an area for building, and follow the instructions. Some of the materials used for these kits consist of wood, vinyl or metal. All parts will be pre cut and ready for assembly. Most of these kits will also include doors and windows.

Personally I would not buy a shed kit, I prefer building from scratch. Like I mentioned earlier, a shed is a simple structure, with some good storage shed plans, this project can be built even if you are a beginner builder.

About the Author: If you have decided to build a storage shed from scratch, take a look at my site for free shed plans. You can see my - how to build a shed - project, with pictures and instructions


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