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Garden Storage Sheds
Tips To Help You Choose The Right Shed
By Dan Lazaj

If you have been searching for an outdoor garden storage shed, you might have noticed there is a huge selection to choose from. There are many assorted styles and
designs that are available in many sizes. Or perhaps you have been thinking of building your own shed. Before you purchase, or begin to build, here are some tips to consider.

Storage Shed Space:

You will need to determine what you plan to use the shed for. Will it be used for storage, or for a workspace, or maybe combination of both. Measure what you will be storing inside, if you will also use it for a workspace, make sure to leave enough room to move around comfortably. It is always a good idea to buy or build a little bigger than intended.

Storage Shed Material:

Storage shed kits are available in a variety of materials. Some of the most common materials are metal, vinyl, and wood.

Metal sheds are usually coated with a tough, baked enamel finish. You can find these in a variety of styles and designs. Metal sheds are very economical and will last many years with very little maintenance.

Vinyl sheds are practically maintenance free. They will usually come with double wall panels to resist dents.

Wood sheds are the most popular. You can paint and shingle these sheds to match your home or landscape. They can resist strong winds, and heavy snow loads.

Foundation Type:

The two most common foundations used are slab and skid. A concrete slab foundation will be permanent unlike a skid. A skid foundation is more common for garden sheds. With a skid foundation the shed will be portable in case it ever needs to be moved. Depending on how you plan to use your shed, you can choose the floor foundation that will work best for you.

Shed Location:

When choosing the location for your shed you will need to determine how sunlight will affect your decision. If your shed has windows, south facing widows and doors will bring in the most sunlight, they might also bring in to much heat. Will you need a location with easy access. Do you want to blend the shed with the landscape, or will you want to view it from your home. Make sure you are aware of zoning codes. Zoning codes can determine the location, such as setbacks from fences, property line, or buildings. Setbacks can be as little as six inches or up to six feet or more. Be aware of any underground utilities, and avoid building on top, in case of repairs.

Building or Buying a Shed Kit:

Building your own shed will be more economical. You will also have more options in terms of design and size. You can build the style of shed to meet your needs. Buying a kit is easier, and it is the preferred method. Today you can get a shed kit with many nice features. You can buy a kit with windows, shelves, workbenches, etc.

As with any outdoor structure always check with your building department for requirements and permits before you buy or build.

About the Author: There are many choices when buying or building garden storage sheds, before you purchase, visit my website for more information on outdoor storage sheds.


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