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The Top Five Things To Consider
When Buying A Storage Shed

By Craig Rowe

If you’ve just made the decision to invest in a storage building, congratulations! There is, however, one important point you should know before you lock yourself in to a specific model or brand: Not all storage sheds are created equal.

How do you know if you’re getting the most storage shed bang for your buck? By evaluating whether the storage building you have your eye on meets or exceeds the following specifications.

- Does the storage shed’s entryway allow for easy and accommodating access? Even the highest quality storage building is useless if it doesn’t accommodate your storage needs. Double-wide doors that measure 64 inches across will afford ease of entry for most riding lawn tractors and other oversized storage equipment.

- Does your storage shed of choice come with a warranty? If the storage building you’re considering doesn’t come with at least a 2-year warranty, you could very well be throwing money down the drain. Protect your storage shed investment with a manufacturer’s written guarantee.

- Are the storage building’s structural framing and shingles built to last? Durable, weather-proof shingles will protect your storage shed (and its storage contents) for years to come. Similarly, a storage building with heavy-duty 2x4 double top plating will withstand even the harshest wind and snow elements…both extremely important if you reside in a area that’s exposed to harsh weather conditions.

- What type of flooring comes standard on the storage shed? If you’re evaluating the cosmetic exterior of your storage building only, you’re making a big mistake. That’s because a poor foundation sets you up for not only moisture problems (which can wreak havoc on your expensive storage equipment) but also invites insects (which can damage the entire framework of your storage shed). A sturdy, OSB floor with 40-year pressure-treated floor joists and 4x4 runners is optimal in any storage building.

- How well is the storage building’s door hinges reinforced? This storage shed specification is also often overlooked as inconsequential, but if you want to keep your storage building’s door straight and properly aligned for years to come, you’ll want to look for continuous full-length galvanized steel hinges and engineered wood door stiffeners.

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