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Portable Storage Buildings
Advantages and Disadvantages


Portable Storage Buildings provide much needed storage space, and are available in different configurations and appearances to look like barns, cabins, garages, or playhouses. The word portable implies that they can be moved, and this usually is the case, however the biggest advantage of a Portable Storage Building is the fact that a foundation is usually not required, and it will most likely be easier and less expensive to obtain permits and authorization for setting the building in place.

Portable Storage Buildings can be rented or rented to own in some cases, which makes it convenient and much less expensive if you only need temporary storage. This also works out very well if you are planning to move, and do not want to invest in the full purchase amount of the storage building.

Portable storage sheds are available in many sizes with some as large as mobile homes. Some manufacturers offer optional interior finishing and furnishings which allow your portable storage building to be used as a lakeside cabin or retreat. Portability allows the building to be relocated at any time.


Portable buildings do not require a foundation, however they may be subject to movement when the ground they are sitting upon freezes and thaws. This may subject smaller buildings to "rocking" or may also allow one portion of the building to settle which may lead to doors not closing properly. This problem can be prevented by providing a solid foundation (either footings or a concrete slab) for the building to sit on, while still allowing the building itself to remain portable.

Another issue that may need to be addressed is anchoring. Some areas may require buildings to be tied down to keep them in place in high winds. This is usually a fairly simple task, using auger style earth anchors which screw into the ground, and securing them to your shed. There are also many mobile home tie down kits available that will work very well for securing your portable building. Check local requirements to be sure your tie down method will meet the requirements of your area.

If your storage needs dictate a portable building, you can rest assured that you do not need to sacrifice anything just to have a portable building or shed. The many options and configurations available today provide a way for home owners as well as business owners to acquire the storage space they need and have it conveniently located right on their property. The large variety of Portable Storage Buildings avaliable today will allow anyone to find just the right portable barn, cabin, or garage to fit their needs and demands.