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There are numerous sources of free shed plans available on the Internet, however only you can decide if building your own storage shed is the best way to go for you. The following links provide some good sources for free shed plans as well as additional information on building a storage shed.

Keep in mind while there are numerous free shed plans available, they may not be the best plan for your particular needs. You may be better off spending a little money up front to get the plan you really want. Also, you may be able to get help and support from the publisher should the need arise.

Shed plans can vary dramatically in quality and content. If you are a first time or in-experienced builder, be sure the plans you order are geared toward your skill level. You will need to determine that your shed plans have good illustrations showing construction techniques as well as "in-progress" photos or drawings to help guide you through the shed building process.

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In contrast, a contractor or carpenter will be used to dealing with more conventional blueprints that will contain far less detail about the actual construction process, but may contain more revelant information used by a professional builder.
Be sure to factor in your time that you will spend building your storage shed. While this may not seem significant initially, you should at least have an estimate of the time required to build your storage shed. Many free shed plans do not provide this information, so make sure you are aware of the scope of the project before you begin.

Building a storage shed from plans can be a rewarding project, and can save you a significant amount of money. Before you decide on a storage shed plan, be sure to look at as many different completed storage sheds as you can, so that you have a good idea of what you want your finished project to look like.

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